Daily Photos 2019



Whoa, is that a certain jeep driver?


I just noticed the shirt on the left with Trump’s face and “DADDY”! And he has a Maga BANDANA, holy cow!!!



More are here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskMvnFaP



Preparations by Hendrik Wollersheim, auf Flickr

A Cat Is Fine Too by Hendrik Wollersheim, auf Flickr

And the rest: https://flic.kr/s/aHsm8CFo5p


The color of the water is a bit painful to watch, but the view is awesome! Where’s that?


Above Daxi maybe near here Land God Temple, 261, Yilan County, Toucheng


Incorrect. It’s taken from Teapot mountain, a hike I recommend if you want to meet half Taipei at once. cc# @IbisWtf


Another picture of the same:


Cool, EVA Air made it into today’s NYT crossword puzzle.


Are there people who’d be interested in a gear-oriented thread for photography, where people could discuss topics regarding gear, sharing odd 3rd party stuff only available in Asia and rarely reviewed in the Us/Eu etc etc?


I don’t have GAS, but sure, why not?


Er… I would be interested, as I’m sure you already know, but the thing is that I need to control my gas… and I more or less do it. But I’m interested in that kind of stuff.





Out of curiosity… did you take that picture with an iPhone (or perhaps another smartphone)?


Yes, through the window of the bus on the way to Taipei. (Asus Zenfone something)


I had a Zenfone Laser something. Nice pictures, better than my Xiaomi’s.

I was asking because if you see it full size you can see how that picture was sharpened by software. I’ve noticed that some phones like the iphones take really good pictures that are crisp sharp… but are weird when looking closely. They have these weird bubble like artifacts…


Watching full size photos taken on smartphone = feelsbadman, it’s the ultimate disappoinment

“Hey I just spent a month of salary on my new iphone, it takes amazing photos, look at this, let’s zoom in, oh now I have eye cancer, thanks steve jobs”.