Daily Photos 2019







#1 is pointed at a random road cutting through the beautiful natural scenery. Nothing interesting there.

#2 is better. Your can see all the down to the mountains, where two become one, almost like a buttock cleavage…


I think (I can’t believe that I don’t even remember this!) that when I was selecting what picture to post I liked was num 2 because it was a bit more dramatic but num 1 had more balance so to say. However, now i’m not even sure. Maybe I liked num 1 had a nicer combination of rounded bulges :smiley: but I was also somewhat appealed by the layers in num 2.


#1. I changed my mind


Titanium roof cladding on the Big Bowl


“Why is my package late?”

it was parked on crossing lines and the driver was not there. #rekt


Your fired!


Oh that is so cruel. 2400 NTD out of his own pocket at least.


Why? They parked illegally, no?


Yep, but it is like the bus driver who peed on the side of thebus. You understand why they do it.


Yes, but it doesn’t make it okay, does it?
I mean, there were so many times that I got stuck on traffic because someone (delivery driver or not) had parked illegally.
People here tend to think that at long as their emergency lights are on, they can park anywhere…


Laziness in a lot of cases. I’ve been on a bus where the driver apologized and went into a 7-11 to use the toilet, given the number of publicly accessible toilets in Taipei there is no reason to be pissing on the back bumper of the bus.

The FedEx driver had a lot of options other than parking on a crossing and not even being aware his vehicle was being lined up for a tow. Zero justification for that.


He was probably temporary parking in the same spot in front of somebody’s shop or some place they didn’t like everyday so they decided to call the police on him to stop it.


Maybe there’s a touching story: his truck broke down but he HAD to do the delivery no matter what, so he parked on traffic lines and went full Run Lola Run.

Not the hero we need, and not even the one we deserve.


And the tow truck drivers were not making as much money during Chinese New Year so they have to make it up some way


“Mr tow truck driver, there’s a fedex van parked on crossing lines!”

Tow truck driver:



I was watching a BBC documentary about NY and their food distribution, a trucking company said they get about 180,000 $US fined a year for parking offences.


But their life can be stressful sometimes…