Daily Photos 2019




A company, not a person.


A person need to do the parking offence and the company gets the fines.


In Taiwanese companies, the employees pay the fines.


Pai-Pai table.


fruits from my balcony! It took 6 years for this tree to make flowers and produce 3 fruits (one is hiding behind the leaves). Hopefully it will become a more regular thing now. I should also get a bigger vase, but i’m worried it will grow too tall.


My Chinese boyfriend’s request for dinner Yang Chow fried rice and sweet beef and broccoli.


Sounds like a proud parent.


Sort of! I have many herbs, sweet potato, ginger, garlic etc, but this is the first fruit i can harvest.
Now waiting for my lazyass lemons -__-


Longshan Temple lanterns.



yms, the bamboo something bunch of houses?


wait a second…


Today we had some movie or TV series (set) action at the CIB.


Continuing …

Night scene!


that was one of the biggest lizards I’ve seen in a while! Apparently it’s our new guardian.


I’ve caught several of those with my bare hands.



This is why they put a roof over the side walk at the new big bowl!


Eye problem?