Daily Photos 2019



His IG page is full of gorgeous birds pics:


What IS that? It’s either pretty heavy or fell from a fair height.


It looks rather like an Elephant’s foot :grinning:


Trigger warning: expect many photos of spiders later today.



It’s tape they are using as sealant on the Bowl’s titanium roof I guess.


The first one was huge! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


One day spiders will evolve and learn how to fly. We need to colonize Mars by then, or we’re all doomed…


I thought @yyy and its kind had done that already…


I’ve found some of the other day … spiders!


They are colonizing earth!


Nice heron shot!


thank u, sweet rabbit


Taiwanese creativity.
Red license plate should be visibly attached to the front of the motorbike.


Are you sure that is a gecko? Looks like someone is missing an iguana…

…would you like to try iguana stew? I think I can wrestle the family recipe from my uncle.




NOOOOOO! :eek::rant::runaway:


I have a photo of the chicks of some ugly black bird. The chicks look horrendous, with tiny wings that look like this guy’s hand:

I’ll upload them tonight when I’m home. Last year I took photos of the baby ducks, they were so cute (and now they’re a huge family). The black bird chicks though…


I mean, guys, there is a special thread just for the spiders. Don´t let them wander around…


Clicked to see what this was all about and my first thought was, geez, what does Icon have against birds?