Daily Photos - Part 9

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Lovely ensemble piece.


Couple pics from Toucheng taken this morning:

Great beach shots.

Great shots of Guishan Dao, I.S.S. I like the one with the yellow shorts.

Fantastic clouds out today in northern Taiwan. I took this at the end of a long bike ride today through Pingxi and Pinglin and ending up in a decidedly less pretty part of Taiwan.

I’m just crazy about that deeply chiseled corner of her eye.

If I can get a chance for a real closeup, I’ll do it. I’d love to fill the frame with that eye.

Nice shots everyone.

Lovely bamboo there.

[quote=“Fox”]Great beach shots.


Where is this last shot taken? It looks amazing.

Thanks Fortigurn.

On some back route of Tiger Mountain. Believe me when I say it was in a treacherous location. As a guide we had a 79 year old geezer. His agility was, in some ways, more awesome than the views.

Now that I have changed the hoster, the pics I took at our little temple close to home near Jhongli should show here:

More bamboo

You’re making me want to take shots of bamboo. I love the crisp sharpness of those images.

Thanks. The bamboo was a NT$90 impulse buy at Working House the other day.

An absolutely beautiful morning here in Changhua, so I grabbed a camera, jumped on my bike and rode out to the beach. A lovely ride but now I have sore legs from all the pedaling. Anyway, here’s some shots I took.

Here’s something for contrast CF. I tool these pictures on Saturday and Irishstu knitted them together on Photoshop.