Damaged bills

Hi. I recently had a 1000 NT bill of mine refused at a local business because it had a 1/4 inch tear in the bottom. I was wondering if anyone knew what I am supposed to do with it. Can I take it to a bank for an exchange, or am I suddenly out 1000NT because of a tiny tear?

Get creative.

If it’s just a tear, use some clear tape, then iron the bill.
If it’s a missing corner, tape on a piece of thin white paper the same size and shape of the missing piece, and colour it in blue with a felt tip pen.

I’ve had this problem before. I kept the bill in my bag until I happened to come across a “Bank of Taiwan”, went in and exchanged it with no issue.

BoT should take them.

Awesome, thanks guys.

I also discovered that some 7-11 employees are less scrutinizing than other employees of other establishments. All good.