Damaged rear wheel

Our lodger asked if she could have a few friends around for a little party, we say OK.
Some was smokers and going onto balcony where I keep my bike.
2 days later I find 2 broken spokes and a bent wheel :rage: of course lodger knows nothing about it.
any how as I’ve been told not cycle for 4 weeks by Chinese Traditional Medicine, back problems.
I walked to closest bike shop I knew of Jesler see if they can repair Giant SR2 Older style alloy.
Luckily for me they had a good used one 1000twd :smile:
So sorted She won’t be having friends around again!

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some fat dude sat on your bike and bent the wheels.
tell her to pay up

Someone had a longing to be a harpist

Is it easy to damage a rear wheel? I mean it never happened to me, unless the bike was hit by a car or something.

I guess it’s had a side stamp, or really drunk and fell on it?

She won’t pay for it, if she charged all the men she had staying the night with her she would have more than enough to.

Nice bit of slut shaming. :ok_hand:


I’ve only just noticed replacement wheel/rim is a Giant PA2 other was RS2 does anybody know the difference look same to me.

Speaking of damaged rear wheels, I’ve had my road touring bike for seven years now. It’s a Dawes Galaxy (aka a Surly Trucker over in the new world)

The (original) rear tyre still has pretty decent life left, but the rear rim has worn through past the indicator and basically a pot hole will grenade it at this point, which utterly sucks, but it replaced my car for nearly three years and did about 15,000km.

Should I simply replace the rear wheel or new bike under (n+1) rules?

Get a new wheel, won’t cost much for a touring type wheel. Or even a wheel set.
Nothing wrong with buying an additional bike, although it won’t be n+1 unless both bikes are functional.

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I’m trying my Zonda’s out for size that I stole briefly from my road bike. Looks awkward as hell.

I think I like it :smile::taiwan:

Sorry, you say your rear rim is worn down to danger thin after only 15,000 km?

what have you been doing to it?

my previous pair of carbon rims broke about the 180-2000,000 km mark (12 years of 15-20,000 km per year).

and Yes, just get a new wheel. the rest of the bike is fine. and by the sounds of it, do NOT replace with the same wheel type: that metal sounds like it was made of cheese.

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Replace the wheel AND buy a new bike.

Problem solved.


Riding it daily to work and other places over the course of seven years. City riding mostly, in the UK with salty gritty winters.

I’ll get a basic wheel replacement and go from there, cheers

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I have a set of 36H eyelet reinforced, double wall rim wheelset available at my shop for a good price if you’re still searching for a set of wheels. Alternatively, I could help you build a new set or repair your current ones, I have a truing stand and all the tools needed to get it done for you.

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I’d take you up on that, however I’m in the UK. I’ve got a cheapy on order but going to buy a handbuilt wheelset for that bike in the new year when things become a bit clearer with work etc.


How hard can it be to replace spokes and tension them properly? Spokes are literally 5nt each.

It’s not rocket science, but it’s not easy either. It takes a lot of practice to be able to do it correctly and quickly.


New wheel on bike and test ride executed - it won’t stay in gear, the wheel must have a different depth at the hub or something, so that is this weekends challenge

Sometimes it can be difficult depending on the wheel design and what other damage has been done.