Damn America! Sean Penn/Kid Rock short film

I have spent most of my life defending you damn Yanks from either my Canuckistan compatriots, or those flighty welterweights the Euros. Mostly, to no avail. Though there was a crew or two in Heidelberg that gave some back. They know who they are. :notworthy:

As for the rest of you pogues, particularly those that like to spout off rhetoric, I insist you watch this short video clip, made by Kid Rock and Sean Penn.
Now, that’s the way to run a ticket. I think I may have already resigned, and offer my tactics on their team for 2016.


Team America, Fuck Yeah!

Fox Nation posted the same video under the headline:Kid Rock To Sean Penn: ‘F—ing Suck It, Commie’
Then if you read through some of the comments, you see that some people just don’t get it.
Of course, if you go to a liberal site, you will see the same kinds of comments on the other side.

[quote]forcerecon2 22 minutes ago
kid rock is a man after my own heart, that same sentiment he gave to penn, goes for danny glover, morgan freeman and most of the hollywood moronic elite !

marepa 2 hours ago
@talega If anyone accused Obama of being American, there wouldn’t be enough evidence to convict him…

marepa 2 hours ago
@liekiller If it wasn’t for double standards, the liberals would have no standards at all…

marepa 2 hours ago
@uzijohn @166mhz If Obama gets another term, expect the gay agenda to explode…

salchromo 4 hours ago
Unfortunately, that is not the real. The left does not have the best interest of this country. Sean stay in Cuba and see the left at work. It’s easy being a communist in a democracy, not so the other way around.

Paulytical2 3 hours ago
@b u g o o b i g a @salchromo I guess you didn’t get the memo. Obama has laser-focus on crushing capitalists and colonialists. We are about to become a whole lot less important with his re-election, after which he can be more “flexible”.

ssbnve 5 hours ago
surprised Penn left Venezuela to do this…bet he beat cheeks right back to his good Buddie Hugo…

Tom_Beebe 5 hours ago
BS we are enemy’s and there is only one way to deal with enemy’s. Libs are traitors to this country and we need to get it over with

obamabiteme 5 hours ago
hollywood is infested with communist ,socialist and marxist time for the big one IMO

obamabiteme 6 hours ago
sean penn is the voice of dictators

obamabiteme 6 hours ago
yes tell this cr*pto barrack the hack he will never be my president ever the only good commie and muzzies are dead ones

Chester E. Katt 6 hours ago
That’s cute and all, but Sean Penn’s still an obnoxious has-been.
The curious thing is that they didn’t censor the video, yet they censor comments. What’s the logic there?

Fuckin’ Bunnies.
Send those bigmouths overseas.
I bet they couldn’t even manage their own arse, let alone a fire time or team.

All this Kid Rock makes me think of MaKe.
Now there’s a big bloke that I followed unto not a few skirmish, not because he was large, but because he already knew from instinct the division.
It was Detroit Rock City, hands across the divide.

Poor Basturd.

Mark, this one’s for you, buddy.
Ask them to turn it up!