Dan Jacobson proposes Immigration Lottery

Every year there are 5000+ Indonesian brides receiving Taiwanese citizenship. This is thousands of times more than westerners receiving Taiwanese citizenship. The US has set up an immigration lottery to even out its immigration, allowing those who might have never been able to climb over barriers have a chance. What about Taiwan?

“Hidden reasons behind the lopsided figures are not my problem, they are the Taiwan government’s problem”, Jacobson exclaimed.

Regarding this new “Dan Jacobson Proposal”, it is sounding better to me all the time.

Great idea! We can link it to the casinos for Penghu. Win the ROC immigration lottery and get to live in Penghu as a ROC Citizen of the outer islands. Obviously, the Ministry of the Interior can’t have any genetic imbalances in the genetic cesspool of Chinese on Taiwan.

Clearly the way forward is to buy a small island, establish an island country which only has diplomatic relations with Taiwan, and give all inhabitants of said island diplomatic passports.