Dancing dog <edit> and now pics of my own dog

No one usually replies to my video postings…but I enjoy sharing them all the same. Although I thought those speaking dogs was pretty impressive.

Anyway, here is one happy dog…dancing.

Right click and choose “save as…” bensolomon.net/jokevid/vid7/ … 20training.wmv

I’ve watched this vid 4 times…and it doesn’t impress you people?

I can’t be bothered. I much prefer your pics of your own dog – he or she looks like a real character.

I thought it was impressive.

I love the love in that video. My roommate said the same thing when he saw it. You can see how much that dog loves it’s owner…you could cut its love with knife…but don’t…the dog might bite.

I think you’re talking about my new black one. But my “yellow” dog is much more interesting. She always amazes people with her intelligence and human-ness (can’t really see that in pics though).

My favorite are these two…the first one is my dog looking for me (I’m underneath the water).

and here is her finding me.

This pic is symbolic for…uhh, I don’t know…something.

Here is me “walking” my dog. She can hit 60km/hr.