DangerMouse vs Mighty Mouse

If DangerMouse and Mighty Mouse had a fight, who would win ?

  • DangerMouse
  • Mighty Mouse
  • Draw

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That mouse… He’s my hero!

YC, love it! Was just telling Mr Mouse methinks the Danger Mouse avatar is great!

Erm… No contest.

I even have a website and song in honour of me.


(Needs speakers for the full Dangermouse experience).

Its DM’s Faithful Hamster Assistant, Ernest Penfold, that swings it for me…

'cause speed wins! :smiley:

What about Mickey Mouse? He may not have spy skills or super powers, but he could buy and sell both those rats 10x over.

Don’t mess with this guy.

I voted Mighty Mouse, because the poster dangermouse owns me 3 fifty!

I hate mice and rats. They’re awful awful creatures sent to make me scream like a Japanese school girl.

So I vote for myself if I were to get into a fight with either Mr Mighty or Mr Danger Mice.

[quote=“914”]…make me scream like a Japanese school girl.

Mighty Mouse sings opera, so he gets my vote. :sunglasses:

MP3s plz.

MP3s plz.[/quote]
I was thinking video.

A similar character from my misguided youth was [color=red]RATFINK[/color],
the creation of car artist Ed “Big Daddy” Roth

a truly weird dude.

Ratfink?? Wasn’t there a batfink as well?

[quote=“Dangermouse”]Erm… No contest.[/quote]But Mighty Mouse has special powers, what can you do to stop him ripping your head off ? What can your gadgets do against a mouse with special powers ?

Does Mighty Mouse have a weakness? I mean like kryptonite or something? Well, obviously not kryptonite, unless he’s also from Krypton, but you know, like some sort of mouse version of kryptonite or something. You know… like emmm… blue cheese or something…emm… :astonished:

Dude, neither Superman with all his powers, nor Spawn - with powers from Hell itself - could kick Batman’s arse, and Batman’s just a psycho with cool toys. I’m still picking Dangermouse.

Mighty Cat

No WAY could Batman beat Superman! Batman vs Spiderman would be interesting though…

I was just thinking that if Mighty Mouse had a weakness, smartypants Dangermouse would no doubt find out (since he’s pretty smart, or was it Penfold that was really the brains?).

…anyway, on to less important stuff, like doing my job. :unamused: