I am close friend [real name removed by moderator] (dangermouse). Today there was maountin accident. I know he post here sometime so want tell you we think missing and die.


Jayde Lin

I certainly hope this isn’t some sort of sick joke.

It better not be a bloody joke. And if it’s not, tell us where and when and you know we’ll have a search party out.

Yeah, we need some details please.

What! Can someone please confirm that this is not true…missing? How/where?

when was DM’s last post?

today at 1pm

Anyone know if he was planning a ride this afternoon?

He is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met from this forum (and that’s saying something because this is a great community). I hope this is simply a sick joke.

If this is a joke I’m fucking throttling someone.

somebody must have his cellphone #.

let’s go people.

I think if this turns out to be a joke, we will all kiss and hug someone…

Someone on this forum must know how to contact DM, so I’m sure we’ll know something soon…

Tetsuo, I’m with you on this! :fume:

I work with [real name removed by moderator]. I have his phone number and just tried to call him. I get some sort of error message though, but I can’t understand the Chinese. I don’t know, I’ve got this message before when calling my girlfriend. I’ll keep trying and let everyone know.

Why do they give so little information?
This is horrible.

donnadie, do you know who Jayde Lin is???

…ANY OF HIS FRIENDS? This is an EMERGENCY, please read the link if you know him.


Edit: The missing man has been located. Sounds like he will be fine.

Shit… I only just heard… DM is one of the very few forumosans I’ve met in person…I hope he is ok. Lovely bloke!

I guess all we can do is sit and wait…

I’ve never heard of Jayde Lin as far as I know. OK, nobody I know is answering their phone, arg!!! But, I think the message means the phone is turned off. It’s similar to the ‘no answer’ message, but there’s no ring first.

Frost should be calling him soon, and he’s with his wife who speaks Chinese, so with any luck we’ll have progress soon.