Dangerous firewall worm warning

story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=s … _2004mar20

If you use either the “Black Ice” or “Real Secure” firewall, your computer is at risk. The worm doesn’t use email; from the unclear description in the article, it uses a buffer-overflow attack to affect the firewall software directly.

Once infected, the firewall software randomly overwrites your hard drive and presumably does network probing to find other computers to infect.

Both of these products are Windows-specific :raspberry: , so there’s no direct negative impact on Mac users.

More information on two products you don’t want to buy:


Nevertheless, if you’re concerned about security or your Mac’s on a network behind one of these P-O-S “security” applications, you can turn on the Firewall feature in Mac OS X (System Preferences -> Sharing -> Firewall). To date, I haven’t seen a single hack or vulnerability for OS X’ integrated firewall.

The greatest threat to Mac users is Apple going bust. People have been predicting it forever. If you believe the whispers, even iPod isn’t going to save 'em. Think it’ll ever happen?

Apple and it’s users are already the “undead.” We’ve been pronounced dead so many times, but keep rising time after time.


Microsoft can’t afford to let Apple die. Honestly, where else will they get “new” ideas?