Dangers of hiring Indonesian fishermen

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There has already been a number of incidents where Taiwanese captains have been killed by Indonesian crews (or Chinese crews) they hired to man their fishing boats.

Unlike Taiwanese crews who have family and ties to Taiwan, the Indonesians don’t.

The Indonesian govt however has been quick to “apologize” to Taiwan. NOt wanting any problems such as what happened with the relationship with the philippines. HOwever, this case is totally different as the INdo govt is in no way involved.

The 9 member indonesian crew had apparently thrown the Taiwanese captain and first mate off the TW fishing vessel while the vessel was thousands of nautical miles away from Taiwan.

Little did they know that TW vessels have tracking devices that allowed the TW coast guard to sail all these thousands of knots away and apprehend them.

Which is quite commendable actually that the CG would and did so.

The 9 members refused to talk but i am pretty sure the captain and first mate did not decide to go for a swim out in the middle of the ocean on their own.

They should probably all be executed for murder and piracy on the high seas if they refused to talk.
Back in the old days, they would’ve been ordered to walk the plank for such a crime.

Too bad they are towing the fishing boat home. They should just let the insurance company figure it out. It is again commendable that the CG is willing to tow the boat back.

I cant imagine the US Coast Guard sending a vessel thousands of miles away to intercept a US fishing vessel that has been commandeered and towing it back to home port.

I supposed the TW vessels should only hire TW fishermen. Pay more money and dont hire foreigners.

Especially if you have to fear they will mutiny and kill you.

If i was a TW fishing boat captain i wouldnt have more then half my crew be foreign and I would be armed at all times and have several other Taiwanese armed to the teeth. WAnt to mutiny? Say hello to Mister Smith and Western bud ! ( I mean Smith and Wesson…you can tell i dont know one end of a gun from another, but i am willing to shoot first and ask questions later) .

I read somewhere that Taiwanese captains treat tier Indonesian fisherman like shit and don’t pay them enough. Once they found a Taiwanese vessel on the coast of Bali without crew and a dead captain. They showed how that boat looked inside and I think even an Indonesian prison was better…

Unfortunately, it goes both ways. There have been several incidents of Taiwanese captains/commanders killing their crew members or worse, leaving them stranded without food/passports in Central American waters. At least one has been convicted -which given our so called legal system is nothing short of miraculous. I do agree with Tommy that the crews should be Taiwanese, but I am not so sure that without better legal controls there could be less tragedies. The local vessels make very little money, and engaging in illegal activities does gather the momentum for stuff like this to happen. yet, without bending the law, they are not competitive/this industry cannot survive. Add racism to the mix and that is why we hear of this kind of incidents regularly. How many in six months? Like once a month? Either they are fishing in pirate infested waters or there is a systemic catastrophic failure in the way things are done in Taiwanese fishing industry.