Daniel Clowes

i accidently ordered two copies of the Daniel Clowes comic books, “Ghost World” and “David Boring” from Amazon so if there’s any fans of his out there, let me know and you can have the spares.

Hi Mark,

How much do you want for the spares? Purchase price sans shipping? I’m interested

Hi Mark,

I am interested in the two books as well. Of course, Gus is first in line. Please let me know how I can get in touch with you, if Gus doesn’t end up wanting the books. I like Adrian Tomine’s work, but I would like to check out D. Clowes. Thanks.


The first message i received was from Wolf so i should pass them on to him. Thanks for the interest. M

Sorry guys… :laughing: :?

No problem. Enjoy the books. Maybe you can lend them out some time.