Daniel Pearl Day of Music, Sat. Oct 2

We are proud to be the grand opening event for Treasure Hill.
Closed for more than 3 years, we will return to this beautiful
riverside community which was our location in 2005 & 2006.

There will be balloons, speeches, food & drink, and plenty
of good music from High Tide,.22, Bopomofo, 2AcresPlowed,
Celluloid, Blues Vibration w/Conor, Dawid Vorster, Skycruiser,
Nathan Javens, Psycho Band, Faubourg 166 and Dark Eyes.

Plus, there are plenty of areas to start your own jams, so bring
the instruments, the kids, etc. for a full day of fun.

Oh yeah, did i mention it was FREE!

Looks like a good one this year.

Cool! I can be in the audience this year. Looking forward to it.

Yep! Looks good! :thumbsup:

Why aren’t Muddy Basin Ramblers playin’? :frowning:

And I’m not just worried that I’ll have to talk to sandman if he’s in the audience.

[quote=“zender”]Yep! Looks good! :thumbsup:

Why aren’t Muddy Basin Ramblers playin’? :frowning:


The organizers rejected our rider. None of them could be bothered removing all the yellow M&Ms. Plus several band members won’t be around on the day.

Why’s El Jefe not playing? I missed his set last time. :frowning:

They refused his request for yellow M&Ms. :doh:

I hope I can come along but i have to work til 8pm

I watched ‘Banged up abroad’. It was an episode about a bunch of foreigners that got taken hostage and they survived, and the guy who led the operation is the guy who ended up killing Daniel Pearl later. I’ve always known about it but that program just made feel sooo gutted. What a horrible way to die.

we are cleared to go on till 10pm. afterwards, their will probably be some impromptu jams and drum circles going on around the river.

sadly, d.chen and MBR can’t make it. we will need to soldier on without them.

on the bright side, i made sure to get some new bands that few have seen before. i’m proud to say that the quality of performers is quite good this year. and of course, the real star of the show is the new Treasure Hill, which is preserved in all of its winding, twisting glory.

everyone should stop by and see it on its grand opening!

Bull, if there’s anyone needing a sax player, I might be up for a jam. Pass the word. DP Day is a highpoint of the year’s playing for me…

Maybe he’s not available…

Is he not available?

ok, here is the schedule.

also, i would encourage everyone to bring their instruments (especially sandman) as coming together and playing is what its all about. there will be some time for a jam at the end on the main stage, and treasure hill has lots of sweet places for sitting around and jamming.

if anyone is interested in selling food, please contact me and we can set something up.
Ethan ( pinetop surgeons) has already promised to sell enchiladas with red & green sauce or mole Oaxaceno sauce with vege and meat options.

:slight_smile: Will for sure be there!

any marching bands out there? treasure hill is asking if any musicians want to take part in a kick-off parade they are organizing that day which will go from dingchou road down lane 230 and end at the venue. the mayor and his entourage will be part of this parade as well

sandman, is your sax good that early in the day?

I’m thinking of organizing one of my photowalks to coincide with it - is it cool if a large group of photographers descend on the place all at once? I’ll probably be there all day anyway.

Just make sure I’m there when they arrive, so they’ll have someone handsome to photograph.

It’d be cool if everybody took pictures of each other taking pictures of each other.

Where is treasure hill if I might ask?

Treasure Hill


No. 1 Lane 230, Dingzhou Road, ZhongZheng District, Taipei City