Daniel Pearl Day of Music, Sat. Oct. 25, TaipeiArtistVillage

The Daniel Pearl Day o Music Da will be held Sat., Oct. 25 at
the Taipei Artists Village, whose courtyard will feature a full day
of great live music, food, beer and company.

The annual event honors the life and work of Daniel Pearl,
a Wall Street Journal correspondent killed in the
line of duty in 2002.

This event this year begins at 2pm and ends at 9pm, with a full
lineup of popular bands including Nathan Javens, Tyler Dakin and
Russel Louis Picard, Dana Wylie Band,2 Acres Plowed, 88 Balaz,
Stevie Ray, and David Chen and the Muddy Basin Ramblers.

Also, the event will celebrate the opening of the new Village
Cafe run by our very good friend, Jason. Other continued
support comes from the Taiwan Foreign Correspondents club.

Address: No. 7, Beiping E. Rd., Taipei, TEL +886 (02) 3393-7377,
FAX +886 (02) 3393-7389 Website artistvillage.org, E-mail

Cool! I hope to make it. It’s always a great event.

Damn - My working hours exactly, and I have to work all weekend every weekend :frowning:

Everybody go there and enjoy it on my behalf. Finish the gig on time, won’t you - It’s a residential area.

Shit, I’ve already got stuff on that day. I had a great time there last year and met some cool people. Hope it’s a good day for you all.

Yeah, last year was good. And don’t you dare tell me that you haven’t put that tuner to good use yet (erm, or was that not Daniel Pearl Day?).

It’s been awhile since I’ve put the tuner to use as I’ve been too busy to spend any time playing. Actually, it’s been a couple of months since I’ve had the guitar out - it did get used before that. Honest.

Thanks again for it.

We are proud to be offering Anchor Steam beer at the event. For those wanting
something a little stronger, we also have Liberty Ale, both produced by
San Francisco’s finest brewery.

Also, here is the complete schedule.

Nathan Javens 2pm
Nathan Javens is a native of Portland, Oregon. He is a fan of classic rock, and performs “soulful rock” on his acoustic guitar.

Tyler Dakin and Russell Louis Picard 3pm
Tyler Dakin is from Alberta, Canada, where cold winters and warm whisky have found their way into his music which many describe as “country swing.” To others, its straight up rocking, but that depends upon what time of night it is.

Dana Wylie Band 4pm.
Dana Wylie and Jeremy “Jez” Hellard have spent the past three years touring Canada and England, playing every country bar and inn that would have them. Their music reflects their travels as well as musical virtuosity.

Two Acres Plowed 5pm
A modern country trio led by Arkansas-native, Landis Shook, singing his heart out with modern country numbers ala Kevin Chesny, Garth Brooks, and others.

88 Balaz 6pm
A much loved Taiwanese indie rock band which has drawn attention and a recent record deal with TCM Music. They rock out, either electrically or acoustically, and just may be the next big thing.

Stevie Ray 7pm
Stevie Ray is a local police officer who spends his idle time picking blues notes. He has recently switched over to acoustic, but this doesn’t mean he won’t rock out a few numbers by his namesake guitar idol. He will be joined by a number of special guests.

David Chen and the Muddy Basin Ramblers 8pm
Davide Chen and the Muddy Basin Ramblers are an old time, jug band comprised of expatriates living in Taipei. They play original numbers as well as early 20th century American music with banjoes, pots and pans, kazoos and brass instruments.

And let’s not forget the country Canadian half of 2 Acres Plowed – The “Fishman” who by-the-way also hails from the big wide open Alberta country, Canada (Edmonton actually - the gateway to the “Great White North”)! :canada:

2 Acres Plowed will also be joined by some special guests to deliver you some mighty fine sing-along Bluegrass tunes as well. :uhhuh: :serenade: :boo-hoo:

Looking forward to seeing ya all there!


sorry i forgot about the better half of 2 acres plowed. i must have wrote up the bios late in the evening and rushed to get it to my friend for facebook purposes.

i am looking forward to a great show from you guys, especially with some “special” members … are they by any chance… part of the group… pine top surgeons. i can’t wait to see the show. each year this event has been a sort of showcase for country and bluegrass. and every year we always seem to get lucky to have at least one band represent this terrific genre.

No worries Bull, I’m the rhythmic-tic laid back half :whistle: that is usually overshadowed by the lyrical-melodic and charismatic (rednecken) Arkansan half!

Mainly I wanted to let folks know that we’ll be joined by some special bluegrass cultured guests. And yes you guessed right --we’ll be teaming up with a few members from the wonderful hillbilly PineTop Surgeon gang, and possibly a Georgian born fiddle player to boot! :boo-hoo:

Lookin forward to playing as always and also to having a drink with ya! :beer:


contrary to what you might have read in Wednesday’s China Post, the AIT is not sponsoring this year’s Daniel Pearl Day. AIT is helping us distribute a press release and for this we are forever greatful. Next year could be whole different matter, so lets go all out and make this the best one yet!

also, the Taipei Artist Village is very close to Saturday’s protest. I think this is a good thing as some people will be able to participate in both activities. And what better way to cool off than with a cool beer and good tunes.

the Village Cafe has wireless access, and we have plenty of cover in case of a light rain.

Hey Bull,

Any chance of getting some clear driving directions? I know it’s close to the train station and such but I check the map and can’t figure it out from the Website. Maybe some of the great forumosans can make it simple for this country lad. Driving up from Taichung, is there parking or easy access for bands with equipment?

Why in the name of fuck would the American embassy be getting involved in this? Just because Danny Pearl was American? The Day of Music has sweet fuck all to do with his nationality – its about the fact that he was a musician. Does this mean we’ll have to start getting some anti-American protest songs learned up? This show is good because government is NOT involved. :fume:

I can’t believe there are three events for me this weekend!

Hoping to make it again, but will it be a family friendly event? Anyone planning to bring their kids? I may have 2 or 3 with me, 7yo and 11yo.

i don’t know about free parking, but i can give a bit better idea where this is.

the artist village is between civic blvd and chung xiao one block east of chung shan bei lu.

if you are at civic blvd going east and you get to the corner of chung shan, go one block further and turn right. the artists village is on your left and easy to find. if you are on chung shan driving south at civic blvd then turn left before chung xiao at the fire station. the artists village is on the left down one block.

i hope that helps

a couple of things:

First off, the Taipei Artist Village is spitting distance from the train station and has abundant parking all around. The building is painted a ghastly yellow-green color which sets it apart from the other gov’t offices in the neighborhood. Beiping East road is a wide, 6-lane road and easy to find. When driving, please avoid Ketagalan BlVd as most of the streets around there will be blocked off for a big protest planned for Saturday.

As for AIT’s involvement, they have been very helpful in circulating a press release and even translating a Chinese version. I am very thankful for this, though i can understand the apprehension of some people as US policy in the middle-east has been misguided and may be the reason for all this mess in the first place. I am hopeful that this will change when we elect a new president Nov. 6. Also, some of the other media outlets in town have been uncooperative and closed minded, like ICRT who wrote in an email that they “banned” coverage of this event.

I have always been extremely appreciative of anyone who helps out. This gratitude extends to the musicians who supply the wonderful music, the volunteers who set out chairs and clean up, and even the bureaucrats who do what they can to publicize and make this event possible. Everyone is indispensable.

That said, lets listen to some music and drink some beer!

[quote]some of the other media outlets in town have been uncooperative and closed minded, like ICRT who wrote in an email that they “banned” coverage of this event.
They “banned” converage? What the hell for? Did they say? A worldwide event that “didn’t happen?” How VERY ICRT of them. :roflmao:

i think one of their djs is unhappy that i don’t provide enough coverage of ICRT events in my weekly music column. personally, i think i have gone out of my way to cover their stuff such as the first blues bash and their annual battle of the bands.

it’s really silly though and it just goes to show you that some people can be tight, even when you are promoting “peace and tolerance”.

There is a huge parking lot under Civic Boulevard, with entrances on Linsen, Tianjin, and Zhongshan. You can use the EasyCard to pay there.

The closest MRT is Shandao Temple, or Exit #2 of the Taipei Main Station -MRT exit, that is.

If you are coming from Zhongshan, Beiping is the street between the Fire Station and the Executive Yuan -big, ugly yellow block. The artist village will be appropiately decorated, and it is kitty corner to the Police Headquaters.

Probably just take the train up and cart everything that way what with the cost of driving the jeep up.

Sorry to hear about the ICRT thing, Rick is usually a good guy for these things but he did tell me awhile back the bosses over there were cracking down on certain things. Oh well, can’t please everyone, but should be a wonderful event and a great time…