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Is this part of the @DogmaticStoic finds-a-new-house-saga?


Yes haha

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If you have questions about Danshui. Feel free to ask me.

The places I showed you were cherrypicked to be close to the MRT.


Thanks I’m just testing the commute times now. I work in shilin but girlfriend works in Taipei city Center. Takes a little over an hour to get from where I’m looking at renting to her place assuming she doesn’t mess up one of the transfers like I did (took me closer to an hour and a half but I messed up twice)

The LRT is slow from Danhai New Town. Going from hungshulin to Taipei Main is easy.

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Yeah I found it’s a bit slow. Took 20 minutes on the way back. 30 if you count the wait for the train to arrive

Bus actually runs more frequent than the LRT… which runs like 1 every 15-20 minutes.

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I live in Danshui

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So you think it’s better to take a bus from tamsui to hongshulin?


Well if you are using the LRT, as opposed to the red line, then yea, as bus seems to be faster than the LRT which runs real slow for some reason (kinda defeats the purpose of the LRT).

I remember way back then when I lived in danshui, there was no all pass ticket and monthly commute cost often exceeded 3000. Even if you spent less than 1280 per month the ticket is worth it simply due to the amount of flexibility it gives you…

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Yeah I figured that out and have been buying it every month since I moved back. I really like it

Oh and by the way there are some 3 digit buses that works on the 1280 ticket that goes to Keelung or Baishawan or something… a couple of trips on those bus basically paid for the ticket. I guess the only bad part is that it takes time, especially if you arent going to keelung from Danshui.

Buses in rush hour are not faster than LRT because all the three lanes are needed for private transportation :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
LRT is slow at ground level, through the elevated section is not that bad, although I wouldn’t say it is fast.

O thought all pass doesn’t cover inner-city bus travel?

Any bus on the greater Taipei system that is not 4 digits can use the $1280 Pass.

That includes all buses in Danshui.


It doesn’t, so 4 digit buses don’t count. Basically ones that bill on distance and not sections.

But I think there are a couple of buses that are 3 digit that bills on sections that still goes to keelong or something, and those work with the 1280 ticket.

That’s news to me! I didn’t realize there was a system like this

This is wrong.

When I get home I’ll explain comprehensively.

Just taking a bit longer due to this asshole parked on the side of the road.

The taxi