I swear man… I think Danshui must be Taiwan’s equivilent to Mecca or something… there is more religious activities going on here than anywhere else in Taiwan… Is Danshui some kind of holy place like where buddha landed or something?

Actually its all temple of taoism, nothing related to Buddha at all. As matter of fact, the gang between temple and temple often have brawl(Dont know the official term). You can see it in Southern part of Taiwan often as well.

Holy war? Jihad?

Holy war? Jihad?[/quote]

“Gang warfare” is probably a better term since any conflict is probably over terriority or how to divide the spoils from shady dealings rather than scriptural differences.

Funny, I always have to go to Beitou to find buddhists meditations… I always thought Beitou was Mecca…