The Danshui Thread

I couldn’t find a nice thread on Danshui, for collecting directions, helpful advice for people who do want to go there, and impressions, so I thought I’d start one. (If you want to rant about why you don’t like Danshui and everything that

There are three places that are particularly crowded during CNY: Wulai, Jiufen and Danshui. The Taipei Zoo is also hella crowded.

DB, the Red Castle is lovely as you say but from my experience the food is sub-par. At least the chinese. Thanks for the heads up on Danshui. I was thinking about going up there tomorrow.

Have you been to Maokong yet for tea? Chris and I and our spouses were up on Monday when the sky was clear. We could see right across the city to Yangmingshan. Gorgeous evening and night sky too. You can’t believe how beautiful Taipei looks from this side. But only go when it’s clear. Chris and I were hiking yesterday and it just isn’t the same when it’s overcast.

BTW, found a really great new place in Maokong for sitting in the daytime. You get both a garden setting and a wide open mountain view. pm if you want the address.

It might be worth it for drinks on the patio or the Western set meals, e.g., seafood linguine, another time.

Not yet; Dragonbabe and I went toward the 五指山 Wu3 Zhĭ Shān scenic mountain area, near 汐止 X

At this timeof the year, Danshui is not the best place to visit -cold, windy, rainy, overcast. Yamingshan has got some hot spring hideaways that you can bring the missus to for a day or two.