Darlie toothpaste to rebrand

Long overdue or unnecessary move to be politically correct? If rebranded, it won’t be the first time. Remember, it was called “darkie” before.


English Man toothpaste.

I’m a marketing genius.

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Nothing wrong with it, bring back the old english name instead.

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how about no pic but THE MAN toothpaste?
who doesn’t want to be THE MAN right?

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Time to.buy a tube for future memories of racial sterotyping in the marketing world. Wait…

They changed the English name and logo 30 years ago. They didn’t change the Chinese name, though.

There’s also been a White Man toothpaste around for years, though I’ve only seen sold for children. Not sure if there’s an adult version. It was kind of dumb keeping the name “Black Man” toothpaste when they changed the English name and logo anyway

In the past my friends in the U.S. always enjoyed me bringing them a tube of “Darkie” toothpaste. Hmmm…seems I revealed that I ain’t exactly young anymore.

Yeah baby!


Political correctness strikes in the far east!

I’ll be sure to get a couple of tubes before its gone.

its called black man toothpaste… it should have been changed before lets be honest. the fact that its happening now should get a backlash, for the spineless shit ass company who is crapping their pants in fear of the westerners on twitter finding out what their chinese name is and always has been.

Let’s just hope that other Taiwanese companies follow suit. As a white man, I’m also sick of my race and gender being used for product marketing.


I grabbed a bottle of aunt Jemima as well for historical sake. Tbh I never thought of her growing up as anything but a person who made pancakes.

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That’s because most people are like you, not racist. They don’t think of and see things in that way. I thought she looked like a nice friendly face and that’s all.


They can use my face for the logo if they want.

Do you remember the old bottles shaped like a woman? Her clothing style was very plantation-cook looking. The commercials when I was a kid had an animated bottle walking around talking to people in a stereotypical voice. They changed the bottle style years ago to be less stereotypical hoping to keep the brand name and a bit of the logo. Pretty much what Darlie did.

When do the royalties start showing up?

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Maybe I was too young or have a bad memory. I only remember the current style of bottle.

That’s an excellent point. Us white men have been discriminated against for far too long.