Dashcam footage

That is definitely plausible, and if that’s the case, I’m sure Tesla would come out of a statement clearing their responsibility.

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I tried to find out what the cargo section of these type of trucks are usually made of in Taiwan. Judging from the photo, I’d say it’s fiberglass.

Don’t know how that affects with Tesla’s collision avoidance system. It seems like fiberglass is a fine material to be used for cones or arches containing radars on small boats. So maybe radar goes right through?

If the radar went through there is still the load in the truck, the truck bed, then all the metal gubbins that is underneath, that would all show up.

According to the Internet etiquette I learned as a young man, one shouldn’t criticize others for spelling mistakes.

Turning without looking + riding incredibly fast = painful accident

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Lucky, the car’s airbags went off. :popcorn: The car comes from the right lane and cuts to the middle?

Another episode in the endless series “Driving in Taiwan”


Why, oh, why?

The first couple of news articles say the motorcycle was running a red light.

Probably… trying to beat the oncoming traffic just before the light changes has to be the most common cause of traffic accidents here.

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Where’s that?

was this a fatal? Very likely could have been.

cant see it, unsupported format?

Somewhere near Taichung.

Not fatal.

Try to use the URL:

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In the US and from 2017, but damn …


Where was that?