DaTang Jardin: Alleycats goes international -- and it's a Chinese restaurant?!



For Forumosans in the Philippines, please head over to The Fort and try out the latest Taiwanese place: DaTang Jardin. I am really curious what you guys think.

I was able to make it over there just before its grand opening on 27 August, and I enjoyed it. It isn’t perfect, but I believe it has potential. Now, when I was there, I was actually at a table that included a local Food and Beverage Consultant, who had a lot of advice to give them.

I thought the food was fine - although I was told it might be considered pricey given the portion sizes. I liked the presentation. I am not thrilled about the description “Asian Tapas”, which I find contrived and risky in a former Spanish colony (if there is anywhere that should have Asian Tapas, it ought to be the Philippines). But, to be fair, I never appreciated what tapas were until my one visit to Spain during grad school - so maybe most won’t mind the description.

What is also odd and curious is that when Alleycat’s finally gets around to opening a restaurant overseas, it’s Chinese restaurant! Huh??? Ohh-kay – this is going to be interesting. Forumosans more than just about anyone on this planet will appreciate how strange this strategy seems to be - so, please, go check it out, and let us know what you think. I am definitely going back when I visit the Islands again next month - if you are in Manila then, lmk and I will invite you to join me.


Nope still doesn’t make any sense :joy: