Datasets Against GPS based Taxi dispatching System


I am a research student enrolled in popular university of Pakistan naming PMAS-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi,Punjab.My research areas are Vehicular ad-hoc networks and Wireless Sensor Networks.Currently i am researching on VANET and i need datasets used in a research paper.It contains the raw data of GPS-based Taxi dispatching system operated in Tainan City from January to December 2011.

Kindly can anyone provide me the link to download the dataset.

I’ll be really thankful for quick response to complete my researches.


Contacting the author would probably the first step, following by the institution.


Hi jmi,

There’s something I don’t understand:

Does that mean that you need data that is in another person’s research paper, or does it mean that you need raw data from any source for your research paper?

I majored in English, so I don’t know anything about GPS taxi dispatching. I also don’t know Chinese. But I found some names on the Internet. I don’t know if these professors can give you the raw data you need, but if they can’t, I hope they might at least be able to give you some information that might finally lead you to the data.

Kevin P. Hwang (Kuo-Ping Hwang) and Wei-Hsun Lee are two professors who co-authored a research paper called “An intersection-to-intersection travel time estimation and route suggestion approach using vehicular ad-hoc network.”

Here is an abstract of that paper:

It looks like that paper discusses VANET and a GPS taxi dispatching system. Both professors appear to be at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) in Tainan.

Here is Kevin P. Hwang’s page at NCKU:

Here is Wei-Hsun Lee’s page at NCKU:

Kevin P. Hwang also co-authored this article:

“Financial Options: Management of GPS-Based Dispatching Taxi, A CVO Deployment of ITS”

This links to what appears to be an abstract of the article named above:

The above document may load slowly.

The Tainan City Government has a website called “臺南市e-GPS即時動態定位系統入口網站,” which Google Translate translates as “Tainan City e-GPS real-time dynamic positioning system portal site.” Here is that Google Translate translation.

The site is in Chinese, and I’m not sure if it has been completed, but anyway, here is the address of the site:

That site links to this page, which may or may not be of interest:

The site was somewhat hard for me to use, but I was mostly using the Google Chrome browser. With that browser, when you click some of the links or tabs on that site, you may have to scroll down to see anything on your screen. The site seems to work better with Internet Explorer or Firefox than with Google Chrome. But the site is mostly in Chinese, and if you you use a Google Chrome browser, you can sometimes right-click a Chinese page and translate the Chinese into English, Urdu, etc. Sometimes the translation is not very good, but sometimes it helps.

This looks like a “Contact Us” e-mail address from that website:


Of course the [AT] should be replaced by @.

The first part of that above e-mail address appears to be a telephone number. The entire number would be 06-6355430. To dial it with Taiwan’s country code, it would be 886-6-6355430. There’s another telephone number, which I found on another website, that seems to be related to that one: 06-632-2231, extension 6219, which, again, would be 886-6-6322231, extension 6219, with the country code. A long distance call might be expensive, but there may be a way to get a reduced rate.

Like I said, I’m an English major, so that’s as far as I can go. I hope this helps, or I hope at least that it doesn’t make things more difficult for you.



I have already contact the author but didn’t get the response.


i am really thankful for your response .i have already contact the author of the paper you mentioned but unfortunately i didn’t get the response.But i am following the provided information in your answer.I googled some research forums regarding VANET’s in Taiwan, and found this one ,if there are others please guide me to ask there.


i need raw data that have been used in that paper.


You’re welcome, jmi.

I’ll try to look around again, but I don’t have a technological education, so this kind of thing is a little confusing to me. Hopefully someone with more knowledge will come along. But I’ll look around again in a while. I’m not sure I can find anything new.

It may take the paper author(s) a little while to respond. This is just in case you didn’t notice, or I wasn’t clear: The e-mail address I posted was from the EGPS webpage. The authors’ pages have their e-mail addresses.

I should also add that on that EGPS webpage, the Internet Explorer browser has a Bing Translator, so you can right-click the page and use the Bing Translator to translate the Chinese on the page to English, Urdu, and other languages.

Here’s one set of search terms that I used near the beginning of my searches (just in case it may help you):

GPS 衛星派遣系統 原始資料 台南市

Google Translate translates 衛星派遣系統 as “satellite dispatch system.”

It translates 原始資料 as “original data.”

It translates 台南市 as “Tainan City.”

You can also put the individual expressions in quotes, because Google sometimes ignores them, and quotes can usually prevent them from being ignored. But if Google says that a search didn’t return any documents, then it’s time to experiment with getting rid of one or more expressions, or removing the quotes.

I hope you will eventually get the data you want. There may well be other professors/researchers here who have done that kind of work.

I wonder if the raw data is simply available out in the open, somewhere on the Internet. If they don’t provide it that way, it’s kind of a shame. Here’s an article about that:

And the guy who people say invented the World Wide Web repeats that idea:



I’ve looked around some more, but with regard to Tainan and this subject, I mainly seem to find Professors Hwang and Lee, whom you already know about. But there have been other research papers covering this kind of thing in other places (I saw one for Hsinchu and one for Taipei).

I also wonder whether there is anyone who is involved with that EGPS website/system who can supply that raw data. I don’t know, I’m just wondering. I wish I knew more about technology, but it’s definitely a weak spot for me.

I don’t know of any research forums, but there’s another foreigner (English-speaking) bulletin board here:

Of course I can’t guarantee that anyone on that bulletin board will have the information you’re looking for.

Edit: Let me correct myself. I know of a Taiwan research site called Academia Sinica. Here’s one part of it:

Of course there are other parts.

I don’t have any useful knowledge of that site, but it seems to me that somebody named on that site should be able to help you in some way or other.

Anyway, there should be some way or other for you to get the information you need.


your response is very helpful for me!


Thanks, jmi! I hope you get the data you need for your research project.


I didn’t get but hopefully soon!


Hi jmi,

It’s probably too late for this to help, but just in case, I want to correct something that I wrote earlier.

Earlier I wrote:

I think that’s a sort of mistake. I used that before, but later I used 原始數據 to mean “original data.” I think that earlier one (原始資料) came from Google Translate. I think I got this second phrase (原始數據) from a Chinese-language Wikipedia article. Because I don’t know Chinese, I don’t really know which is better, but I just mention this in case you ever need to use those Chinese characters.

But I hope you don’t need any of that. I hope you can just get the data you need from one of those researchers, or information that will lead to the data.