Dating a Taiwanese guy

Hey guys. I am a European girl studying in Kaohsiung (26 yo) and I am kind of starting to date a Taiwanese guy who is 4 years older than me. He does a lot of nice things to me (bringing me to restaurants and paying, gave me flowers on my BD, picks me up from the dorm every time) I don’t have much experience in dating, but back to my country I had not problems figuring out how to care about my boyfriend. Mostly I would buy small cute presents for him or cooking. Here I am new and also live in the dorm with no opportunity to cook anything except for rice and eggs. So I am panicking that I am not courteous enough towards him. Do you mb have some ideas how I can show that I care about him too? (His BD is in November, so that’s not an option for now). Thank you


It sounds like you like him. But there’s no need to panic. Just be nice. Be sincere in your conversations. If you know he has a favorite snack, maybe surprise him with it when he picks you up from the dorm.


Men are very simple in romance. Don’t overthink it. I think French men may seek more romantic gestures but men in Taiwan are not really like that.


Yeah. For better or for worse, generally speaking, romantically Taiwanese guys have zero expectations from the girls. They treat them like trophies (they call themselves princesses, potato po-ta-to). The only exception is their parents then it might, and probably will, get complicated. Hopefully yours is not the stereotypical Taiwanese guy.

This site has no Taiwanese guy so you are in the wrong room gurl.

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There are some Airbnb that have kitchen (private room) , you could have some date weekend in Kaohsiung, Tainan or other city and cook something nice

For example this kind of apartment