Dating apps in Taiwan

As much as the Tinder Platinum scheme sucks, I wish Bumble had similar. Higher quality profiles and such. Their paid options are terrible

I just looked at the price of doing that – $60 for 60 super likes… If five per day isn’t getting me anything, buying 60 isn’t going to. Probably better to buy platinum

You do you, but if you think that 5 or 10 or 15 is a good sample size, it’s not. Dating is a numbers game. The quicker you can Super Like people you’re interested in who were online recently, the better your chances.

Well there are many organic ways to meet heterosexual members of the opposite sex. Relying dating apps is terribly shallow and sad.

What I’m saying is 5 per day * 12 days is the same as paying $60 for a pack of 60. So unless I go spending hundreds it’s not going to improve my odds that much

Yeah but you can use them as you find people you’re interested in. Strike while the iron is hot.

There’s nothing shallow about it. It is quite sad though haha. For guys anyways.

Never said it’d be the only way to try and meet people.

Though right now all other social options are pretty much dead.

And, sure, I could go to a club or some shit - not my thing. That is shallow. That’s where the sexpats find most their hookups, with shallow girls.

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Which are working so well for Taiwanese. So many marriages and young families.


Why are you so obsessed with me?

And your statement is really stupid.

Explain how my statement is really stupid.

Do you propose marriage or get someone pregnant on your first date? :roll:

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:laughing: you need to start with hello.

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Now THAT is some kind of mathematical koan!



You just got here, right?


Not usually?

I meant to say 1% hahaha. I definitely coffee before I start replying to everyone!

That must be the key difference. I’m old. And I was already old when I tried these apps :grandpa:

Maybe if I had set the age filter to “18-20” it might have looked the same as your experience? I guess it works, a friend of mine had a 60+ years old German boyfriend. She was 28 or so then.


Yeah, I’m new here.

And true, olm, age is probably a factor. I feel like if I was 10 years younger I’d have better luck maybe. Late 30s Asian women are usually looking to get married, like, now, so probably won’t take a chance on a white dude.

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Well we all are who we are. No need to be apologetic about it.

Just don’t expect any free pass here! :rofl:


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Late 20s are looking to get married. Desperately unless they’re from a non-traditional family or don’t care about pleasing their parents.

Traditional parents will have given up on a daughter in her late 30s who is still single. Late 30s is good for dating.

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