Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising

Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone manage to pick this up from their local game store? Well needless to say I have had some problem activating the game. First of all installing from the CD just gives you a menu in Chinese. I added the cd-key to my steam and it downloaded and installed the English version no problem. However (and I didn’t know this) you need to activate the game via “Games for Windows Live” as well if you want to play multiplayer which is what I really want to do. Once you activate the game via Steam if gives you a separate CD code to activate via GFWL. There is where it says my “key is invalid”. Any ideas?

Have you checked the comments at amazon.com? I generally find them very useful after you sift through the trash.

Hey guys, I sorted out the problem and it is all fixed, it was just that I read the cd-key that steam gave me wrong. I still have to say it is strange that you have to activate “Chaos Rising” twice. Its still a fun game… played two quick multiplayer sessions. and was able to game with some American lads without any issue despite the high latency.

I need to pick up chaos rising. I played the fuck out of the original. Though I usually go Eldar/Warpspider Exarch, i get goosebumps whenever I hear the spacemarine force commander request his opponents to show what their definition of fury is.

Is your “show this language in non Unicode programs” option in your region settings set to Chinese? English/Chinese programs often use this to decide which language to use.

On the other hand, “Games for Windows Live” assumes that because you are located in Taiwan that you don’t even want an English option.