Day trip with baby in Northern Taiwan

I’m looking for a good place to go on a day trip to with my wife and 5 month old baby. We live in New Taipei, so anywhere in Northern Taiwan would be fine. Anywhere outdoors would be nice, but there needs to be somewhere clean and private to breastfeed and change diapers. Must be accessible by public transport. Ideas?

How about Daan Park?


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Maybe Yehliu or one of the beach-y areas on the north coast? That’s assuming that all the international press have left Yehliu already and things have quietened down a bit, of course. I thought Heping Island Park was “kind of okay”, too. Or a couple of the places on Yangmingshan?

I get the impression that most tourist places in Taiwan are quite good for breastfeeding rooms and stuff. Never needed to use one in a hurry, though.

My $0.02 worth. The baby doesn’t care, so just pick somewhere you and the wife want to go. We were all over Taipei / New Taipei with a 4 month old, and the kid slept through most of it. ;D

That said, the zoo is a nice day trip if you’re looking for something kid friendly (again, not that the kid cares). It’s cheap, on the MRT, has breast feeding room, you can rent a stroller for like a dollar so you don’t need to lug one around if you want one…


Not sure what you mean by clean and private breastfeeding and diaper changing.

It’s perfectly fine to do these things in public. You can diaper change on a stroller and breastfeed under a large cloth / blanket.

Like others have said, kid that age doesn’t care.

As a parent of what used to be that fresh-aged newbie on the planet kid, I recommend places like Miramar Neihu, and other Department stores. They have free diapers in dedicated nappy-changing rooms.

And you can go on the Ferris wheel and stuff.

A nice day out for mum and dad.

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Any ideas for a day trip tomorrow using public transport. The car is out of action. By train is best because my fave cartoon is Thomas the tank engine.


Take train and or bus to ride rails in little individual carts.

I think Thomas and the Gang would love it.

Shen’ao Rail Bike (Badouzi Station)


Looks promising. My wife already suggested Keelung

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Careful about those Diesels.

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