Daya Road, Chiayi

What the frick? I know Daya Road like the back of my hand. Which part of the road did they do this? Got any pictures?

Remember the fork in the road? The left fork takes you to the university, the right fork takes you down into the town.

They cut down all the trees between the fork and Wenya Road. Also, do you remember a little park on Minchuan near Wenya? Every tree in that park was cut down at that time, too.


Here’s an image from Google Earth. This is the fork in the road you mean, right?

No, it’s further up the hill. More like a T intersection. Do you remember the St. Andrew coffee house?

Yeah, I remember the St. Andrews. It started up in 1999, just before 9-21.

Is this the intersection you mean?

That’s the one.

Hey, how do you get those images? They are cool…