Daytime teaching w/o kindy?

I am searching for a PT position with daytime hours and no kindy. Do they exist? If so, how rare is this?

Previously, I taught middle school English in Korea. Before then I had tutored adult students. When I began searching for work in Korea I was aiming for high school or elementary. I chose to teach middle school solely for the particular school’s location. Some class sections were hard to manage, but mostly, it was not bad.

However, I don’t know if I’m fit for educating small kids. I could do it, but I don’t think I’m much inclined to spend all day singing, dancing, and playing games.

So, what’s the range of options for daytime teaching?
Note, I have a 100-hour TEFL certificate and teaching experience but no teaching license in North America.

Adult buxibans will have daytime hours available on a part-time basis. There are always business classes, one on ones and so on that need to be done during the day.

They’ll be looking for people with open work rights to do this teaching, on the whole. They also require high levels of flexibility. It sounds like you have the latter but not the former - which could be a stumbling block.

They’re tricky gigs to land. Try walking round all the adult buxibans near your local train station and tout your wares. There will probably be a line of former WSI teachers you’ll have to join.

Private tutoring would be the way to go, IMO.

With no teaching license, public schools are out. Private elementary/middle/high schools are a possibility. I am assuming you have a degree?

There is other daytime teaching available, such as achin ban or buxiban. These classes start any time after 2PM and can finish at 9PM or later.

Kindy is generally done in the morning, usually from 9AM to 11AM or so.

There are adult schools available. My understanding is these jobs are relatively rare, and generally speaking teaching kids pays more.