Daytona 500 driver(s) (Biggest USA Auto race) eat Chinese food in the middle of the race

Interesting story A very American sport, has some of drivers not not eating burgers but at Panda Express (one the founders had lived in Taiwan before moving to the States)

[Daytona 500: Chase Briscoe, Ross Chastain drive for food in rain delay (]


So? The us has quite a few cuisines…that article seems pretty meaningless. Missing something? Even the KKK likes some kimchi now and then.

Unless they’re eating Taiwanese food why would this interest us? :thinking:

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My wife has some Kimchi in the fridge , dam that smell pisses me off.

Ha, ha! My mom is Korean. The smell pissed off my dad for decades. In their retirement, they always had two refrigerators. The one in the garage for extra drinks, beer, and Korean food. They always slept in the same bed but needed separate fridges in the end!