DB's new sig. file

Durin’s Bane’s new sig. file quotes Gandalf saying ‘You cannot pass’.

That’s what I occasionally say at the end of term to students with very bad grades. Luckily for me, my students are not Balrogs and do not possess flaming whips, although their parents can get a bit miffy sometimes.

That old fart Gandalf just got a lucky shot in on me.

Just ask Durin if I can pass if I want to. :smiling_imp: Stupid dwarf…

I thought he said “You shall not pass” Did the novelization of the film get it wrong ?

or maybe Tolkien got lazy one night and simply wrote “You can’t pass.”

or maybe since the balrog are of the old world (in the silmarillion aren’t they the original singing “angels” of “god” who were turned to evil by “lucifer”. i can’t remember their names) and use a different language, wouldn’t gandalf also have to use that old language instead of the standard speak of his time (like Galactic Basic or something, yeah wrong genre… whatever).

And he said it very loudly. It should have an exclamation point. I have the sound file on my computer. It’s good to use if someone enters the wrong password.

hehe… nope, in both the book and the film, it’s very clearly “you shall not pass!”

DB’s “you cannot pass” sig sounds more like a multiple choice answer from the Taiwanese drivers licence written test…

I will have to watch the movie in its original Russian.

Okay, to keep the thread from sounding silly, I will keep the quote but change Gandalf a bit.

this is what sir ian mckellen had to say:

[quote]ChatMod: Was it hard acting out the movie sequences involving the Balrog?

SIM: I did not see the Balrog until I saw the film!

SIM: He was – it was – just a yellow tennis ball on top of a pole for me to shout at.

SIM: I felt like screaming “You shall not bounce!” [/quote]


That’s so fresh! :laughing:

Actually, I checked out the movie (as I do every week) and at one point Gandalf did indeed say “You cannot pass”.

[quote=“Doug McKenzie”]SIM: He was – it was – just a yellow tennis ball on top of a pole for me to shout at.

SIM: I felt like screaming “You shall not bounce!” [/quote]
Ha ha! Very good. I thought blue was the normal choice of transparent colour, though. There’s an interactive exhibit in the National Museum of Film and Photography in Bradford where you lie on a blue kind of dais, a camera above picks you up and then the computer removes the blue and puts in a background so it looks as if you’re flying over deserts and jungles and stuff. It’s great. Last time I went I had to remind myself that it’s mainly for kids, and move aside to let the kids have a go!
The only odd thing is if any clothes you’re wearing are blue - then you may only be a disembodied head flying about.