Dead body next to Taipei riverside bike path (4/26)

I was commuting home late afternoon around ~4pm 4/26 Monday on the Keelung River bike path near the Yuanshan Riverside Park/圓山河濱公園 and I rode past two or three policemen/women taking photos of a dead body; purple, bloated but face down. I’m guessing I rode past not long after they fished the poor fella out since they hadn’t blocked out the area. A few joggers/cyclists like me stopped on either side at a respectable distance to discuss wtf was going on.

I’ve been looking in the news since Monday night but haven’t come across any mention of this… Has anyone seen anything in the media?


Who knows, gang victims maybe.

My first year year living in Taipei I’ve seen 2 dead bodies on riverside.
First one was fire service and Police fishing one out of Xindian river close to Jonghe, second time I was second one on scene young man had jumped off Taipei bridge head first concrete slab part,Tamsui riverside. Police had been called and turned up on scooters and quickly covered body.

No news of either one! Suicide is kept hush hush here I suspect?

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Definitely gangbangers…i mean thats an aSSumption

My definition of Gangbangers is not the same as yours I suspect.
Ie: see PornHub


If this kind of gangbanger were involved, it definitely would have made the news.


Even in Germany I never saw a suicide in the news.


I never see suicides in the news in the states either.

But I heard suicide by train is common in germany, so if there is significant train delays (considering germany is known for punctuality) is likely caused by suicide…

Sadly they even have a codeword for that when announcing the delay. “Unfall mit Personenschaden” “Accident causing injury to a person”


Technically the truth.

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They’re in the news a lot in South Africa. It’s a uniquely SA phenomenon that when a bloke’s going to blow his face off, he takes out his wife and kids, too, so that they can all be together happily in the afterlife. Or because he can’t bear the thought of another bloke banging his wife and adopting his kids.

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I saw a dead body a couple years ago on the grassy part under the New Moon Bridge in Xinzhuang. Cops and paramedics were there. Looked like a suicide.

A gang of bangers!

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Could also be a homeless death.
Many sleep / live along river paths.

I walked past the most horrific forced drowning a year ago.

The only corpse I’ve seen in Taiwan is myself in the mirror in the morning.

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Possibility. Another possibility is that the body had been dragged out of the river. But its position in relation to the bridge made it look like the poor soul had jumped.

I’m pretty sure it was the fire service that fished him out, when I crossed the bridge to get to Songshan airport area, the fire crew were getting their boat out of the river.

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What’s a forced drowning ? Details ?

I will never forget the time I was rowing a boat in hsin tien and this body floated right past me