Deadliest day ever for Canadian forces in Afghanistan

R.I.P., brave Canadian soldiers.

Sorry, old chap, but your noble sentiment needs some linkage:
bare facts:

a fairly decent bombastic editorial: … istan.aspx

This latest episode will give some pause on our current deployment. One would hope that we have the fortitude to see this fight thru.
Myself, I would hope to see drastic improvements in weaponry, armor, supply, and or course friendly intelligence. Our units are there to do a job, and let’s try to surely over-compensate for the stingy half-assed rigamole that we’ve put our armed forces thru since 1945… :grandpa:

Another Canadian Memorial day just passed…

Vimy Ridge Stories … 8-sun.html … 9-sun.html

“The Canadian soldiers, travelling in a 1956 Studebaker with floorboards reinforced by Molson’s beer cans, Canada’s most advanced Armoured Personnel Carrier…”