Deadly Flu Virus Mistakenly Sent to Thousands of Labs

geez, good one :unamused:

Test facilities in 18 countries scramble to destroy 1957 killer ‘Asian Flu’ virus; U.S. health official says public exposure threat low

WEDNESDAY, April 13 (HealthDay News) – An influenza virus that caused the deaths of more than 1 million people in 1957 was mistakenly sent to thousands of laboratories around the world during the past six months, health officials confirmed Wednesday.

Health organizations moved rapidly to have the killer virus destroyed before any of it could be released. By midday Wednesday, there were reports that at least seven of the 18 countries involved had incinerated the samples sent to their laboratories. And a key distributor in the United States, where a vast majority of the labs are located, said at least 1,000 samples had also been destroyed.

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Waiting for someone to claim it was a conspiracy and the US government wanted there to be some exposures…


read that it was a winterpeg lab that actually identified it as such … i guess not everything is gonzo in canadian science …

[quote=“puiwaihin”]Waiting for someone to claim it was a conspiracy and the US government wanted there to be some exposures…


Damn Americans and their conspiracies. That’s why they keep changing the Englsih language too.

Damn I think I’m on the wrong channel again. :blush:

apparently the US company responsbile also sent several samples to Taiwan…

The Taiwanese have reported that the can confirm that “most of the samples have been destroyed”… Coming from the same pack of gormless scientists who accidentally infected themselves with SARS and almost triggered another outbreak not long ago, that is encouraging news…“most of the samples…” of a virus that killed 4 million people the last time there was an outbreak “have been destroyed…”

Accidentally sending a virus that has killed millions all over the world is pretty damn irresponsbile, but sending it to the Taiwanese, probably the most wrecklessly irresponsible, undertrained, slap dash, research scientists on earth?!.. sheesh… :help:

I wonder if they accidentally sent any to North Korea… that would be fun…

I wonder if scientists are into ‘collecting’ stuff like a famous deadly virus? Kinda mantle piece trophy type of thing…

Why not send it to Al Queda? I think they’d be happy to get it and send it right on back to us-- a la the anthrax scare.

I hope someone is fired.

Well, they found and destroyed all the samples outside America. That’s great. Idiots for sending them in the first place. :fume:

Complete fluke that they didn’t send them to any terrorism friendly states (considering that they were meant to be innocuous influenza test kits), and that they didn’t have any accidental infections. … c_flu_labs

Woohoo Winnipeg!