Dealing with a serious mojo low

If anyone on this board has dealt serious depression and had help here Taipei, could you leave the infor. This time, I am feeliing very very much pushed into a corner and need to get talkin to someone who can help. Thanks

Call the counselors at The Community Services Center in Tienmu

Good luck.

I second the community services center…

I remember an evening mountain walk with your dog not too long ago and you looked quite content…Maybe some more city escapes would help as well?

Sorry to hear you are feeling down.

i go to tai da hospital. the clinic is pretty good, though they focus more on medicine as an approach. it’s not pyschology. but medicine helps a lot to get you out of this bad feeling.

i have OCD. it’s pretty serious. i use Zoloft and it helps a lot. it stopped the depression pretty fast. i thought i had discovered a new “truth”, that my whole life didn’t really happen and i could end it if i wished (pretty non sensesical huh). yet now, feel like i did before i was depressed. it’s gone. and i don’t care about all my little nit picky obsessions. go! they can help you.

rantheman brings up a good point. Most treatment for depression these days tends towards medicinal solutions. Talk therapy can also be useful either alone or in conjunction with a prescription, depending on the causes of the depression. If there are real problems that are causing or contributing to depression like a bad relationship, problems at work, stress from being away from home, getting drained from arguing with people on Forumosa, those sorts of things are helpful to talk about with someone, and psychologists can suggest tools and methods to deal with certain situations that tweak you.

That said, not everyone will respond to talk therapy. When I first encountered depression in my life, I went to a psychologist for a few years and while it helped some, there weren’t really that many issues in my life that were the cause of my depression instead of the other way around. This was back in the late 80s before Prozac was a household name, so I wasn’t really aware of anti-depressants then. Finally I got referred to a psychiatrist, and within a couple of weeks it was like my mind had reversed polarity.

Everyone is different, but if you have real issues to deal with, talk therapy is a good idea, but the medicinal approach may be needed if talk therapy isn’t helping.

Get out into the sunshine while its still there. Everybody gets blue during Taipei’s winter especially when you dont see the sun for weeks at a time. Take a stroll in the nearby mountains under a bright blue sky with the sun out. That should help.

Thanks you guys for the suggestions. I have followed up on the community services, and will try therapy again :unamused: as I don’t care for it much. As for meds, im not interested in going that route again, because they have helped much, no matter the dosage. I am trying accupunture,sp, which I think is going to help. But I am beginning to think that my depression is going to just be around for awhile, possibly for life, and just finding support to manage it will be the most positive thing at the moment :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I agree with panda. Aside from counseling and/or meds, be sure to get out and go for walks or bike rides. Sitting inside the house too much can get depressing. Even just a regular stroll around the neighborhood park, some fresh air and change of scenery makes me feel better.

Can you give me more details? Who to contact, where to go?[quote=“braxtonhicks”]Call the counselors at The Community Services Center in Tianmu[/quote]
Does anybody have their number/s? Please?

You could, you know, look at the link already provided just a couple of posts up.

[quote=“braxtonhicks”]Call the counselors at The Community Services Center in Tianmu

Good luck.[/quote]

If you’re not interested in medicines then maybe you could utilise your body’s own drug resources. Exercise, especially of the aerobic variety, releases ‘feel good’ chemicals known as endorphins in the brain which are known to regulate mood and allow the body to better deal with stressful situations.

These brain chemicals are responsible for the phenomenon known as ‘runners high’ when distance runners experience a feeling of euphoria usually after having performed continuous exercise for a prolonged period of time.

The Western medical perspective on acupuncture is that it may help conditions such as depression because it too triggers the release of endorphins. Eating chocolate, sex and meditation are also associated with endorphin release, if you’re looking for alternatives.

If you do find the answer, I’ll have a pint of it.

guys, we have loads of parks to walk around in. get out and enjoy what God made. that’s the best way back to sanity, for me.

Sometimes, religion may help… I use religion very loosely here though. A person can start looking at different philosophical perspective about one’s place in life to the social fellowship with other folks with similar life views. I find that Buddhist readings are extremely helpful, regardless of one’s religious orientation.


Time for another few laps then, methinks.

God made the parks here in Taipei? :astonished:

Tigerman wrote [quote]God made the parks here in Taipei? [/quote]

Don’t be silly. He’s refering to the heavenly local babes. :wink:

I thought Park was a Korean name.

i’m talking about the sky, the air, the sunset, etc etc, . the park is just a place for that… knew it was coming. shoulda been more clear.

Yellow Cartman wrote:

What a depressing thought.