Deals on ticket to HK

Hi, I know there’s a lot of people always going on visa runs and stuff, so I hope I get some good info. I’m going to Hong Kong early january (after new years) for a weekend, and was wondering where I can get the best deals on a round trip flight? Generally how much would that cost? With hotel? Without hotel? How early do you have to book/reserve/purchase the ticket before you leave?


Round trip same day is about $9000NT

Round trip 3 day is about $4500NT (No hotel but very cheap, see previous posts)

Visa is $490NT Same day is $140NT extra

Hi, I still couldn’t find where the info about the 3 day 4500 NT ticket was posted, can you please point me out? It’s 3 days, 2 nights right? Cuz I can’t stay for more than 2 nights. Thanks.

Just to update the currrent visa price charged in HKG - A 30 day or longer visa is now HK$780.00 which is approximately NT$3500.00. Price was increased on November 2nd.

I thought you you don’t need a visa to enter HK?