Dear Leader is Dying

Maybe he had a stroke. Now what’s going to happen? Does he have offspring? I don’t know.

Kim Jong, ill?


That’s what they say.

I guess it was inevitabre.

Gee, that’s too bad.

Good riddance.

The irony here is that he’s probably suffering from a modern disease (diabetes, heart failure, stroke?) which is usually attributed to a lifestyle of indulgence, while the people he is forcing to love him, die from malnutrition.

May he suffer in hell, or better a place where he must eat grass and seeds he can find in cow droppings.

You know who else died of a stroke

I hear the brother-in-law, Chang Sung-taek, is getting shortest odds with the bookies in Pyongyang right now as a successor.

Every time I read about Kim Jong-il I remember that photo from a few years ago (can’t find it now) of those hundreds of baby and todler triplets sleeping packed together on the dirty floor of this windowless room where they lived, having been taken from their parents, being denied education and intentionally screwed-up emotionally for life so that none of them could grow up to depose Kim (something that one of the Kim’s court sooth-sayers had predicted could end his reign).

I feel sad when I think about this country. Surely it can’t get worse, whoever the new guy to take the throne is? :neutral:

surely it couldn’t get any worse? maybe the new guy (whomever it may be, it’s almost certainly going to be a guy, no such Communist gender equality in that neck of the woods) wants to demonstrate how tough he is and nukes Seoul when he doesn’t get his train loads of fertiliser, rice and Krug delivered in time.

poor country and people. (now there’s a good zeugma for you)

Oh my Dear, that’s good news.

“I’m So Ronery.”

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss…

Let’s hope he doesn’t pull a Castro on us and not die.

North Korea says he’s not ill. They also say he was born on North Korea’s highest mountain in 1942, foretold by a swallow and heralded by a double rainbow, and not in Russia in 1941.

It’s true. I read it on the internet.

I really worry about wither it could get worse or not. It really depends on how unstable the new guy is and if South Korea will try to push north during the volatile times that are bound to happen when he finally dies. Honestly the best thing that could happen is that he dies after winter is over when troops can not be mobilized and moved as easily, and reunification talks are opened again.

Change is not always a good thing. Everybody knows what to expect from this despot. We don’t know what to expect from . . . what I hear is son in law!

I think he has three sons and a daughter and that none of them have been “groomed” to the next dear leader. They put up a photo of one of those sons. I think they said he’s 37 or 38 but he looked at least 50 in the photo. Must be tough to have dear leader for a dad. I can’t immagine the poor woman/women who had to breed with him! Yech! It IS hard to immagine a worse leader.

Now that you;re almost there picturing a forced mating with dear leader, add in the stench of stale North Korean tobacco, whisky and kimchee on his leering breath.


[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]Now that you;re almost there picturing a forced mating with dear leader, add in the stench of stale North Korean tobacco, whisky and kimchee on his leering breath.


Thanks so little!! :noway:

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