Dear new arrival -FOB

  1. Every MRT station has an elevator. There is no need to haul your luggage up the stairs. Yes, there are always nice helpful Taiwanese people to assist, but do not make your life any harder than it is going to be. Save your strength.

Not to mention inconveniencing everyone else along the way.

Have you ever tried using the elevator?

In almost every station, but much more so in crowded station like Taipei main, Ximen, Zhongshao xingsheng, you have to wait at least 15 minutes for elevator because there’s a long line for it.

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Yes, it is dangerous if they slip and squash themselves / a granny or child/ a slow moving Taiwanese meimei.

Well it will take them half an hour to haul the luggage by themselves up 3 floors at Taipei Main…

…Which is why they have like 6 elevators in different locations, plus the option of getting off, say, at Beimen if you come from the airport.

Average wait at say Gongguan or Ximen should be one or two cars tops. Yes, even at rush hour.

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i think the riverside trails and their wild dogs are more dangerous to those same people above than a staircase in an MRT

People who don’t need to use the elevator make a beeline for it. That’s the problem. I’ve no idea why people who appear to be physically fit would prefer to wait an age for the elevator than stand on the escalator, but they do. Perhaps they have escalaphobia.

I use them to get out of the Furen University MRT station because the exit requires me to cross a street (which I will not walk on because of bad traffic) where the cars will NOT yield and the street is too narrow for pedestrians. The elevator exits on an island where I can make my way to the cross walk…

I noticed a sign the other day that said only two bicycles are allowed on the elevator. It’s also competing with them

A lot of girls, and I mean able bodied girls insist on using elevators for some reason. Like they’re afraid to take the stairs.

One of my pet peeves, people using the elevator that could easily get by on the escalator. The day I challenge someone for this will be the day such a person will point to their (pair of) prosthetic leg(s) and all eyes turn on me.

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Those are the girls that are afraid to develop any muscle or muscle definition in their calf lower leg and want toothpick calves.

i try to avoid using elevators here. taiwanese people love them, so they are always packed. i find it takes more time using the elevators than the escalators, and its more uncomfortable. when faced with this logic my gf will still force me to use the elevator though.

Taipei is very handicap-friendly. So thankful for the elevators and ramps that make my grandma’s life easier.

Hong Kong, not so much!

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On weekends only. Look at the schedule.

Again guys, do you remember how many pieces of heavy luggage did you carry when you moved here, especially students? Tired after leaving any decent abode 24 hours before, confused with all the information in a different language flooding your brain? Be nice, give a helping hand, lead them to a safe route and easy hauling, including elevators.

Nope. Buses and blue trucks still take the lead, wild dogs and snakes on trails second, mostly because they are more available in the cities, and they look for you, in your apparent safety of the sidewalk, you do not head out to their territory to find them. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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