Death, COVID, and religion

Well you’re talking about porn which isn’t a sin in itself, so much as lust (and perhaps others)
The way some become sticklers for certain rules is counter productive, but it’s also folly to disregard the “go and sin no more” part of the equation.

So is lust bad?

Why is it bad?

If it’s so bad, should we find ways to remove it, or find healthy ways to deal with it?

But to say wholesale lust is bad is also folly. Perhaps it’s something that can also be used for good?

But Christians basically want everything to be clean and neat and the world does not work that way. Hell most of the bible is not clean and neat. People sin, even the best of us. So treat sin like it’s a disease is the failing of the Old Testament. After so many dead, what’s left?

Lust, pride and greed are essential human traits.

Whoever made up the seven deadly sins bullshit was an idiot.

7 deadly sin is not even a Biblical thing. It’s a catholic thing.

According to the Bible sin is bad, period. Doesn’t matter if it’s mass murder or just telling a lie or cursing your parents. They all have one penalty, death.

Yes. Obviously it’s not possible to stop sinning entirely. Part of the point of that and the preceeding verses about hate/murder is to demonstrate how no man is without flaw. Which is why we ahem need a solution we cannot provide ourselves.
But that solution doesn’t preclude acknowledging our flaws and making an attempt to minimise them.


8 But let man and beast be covered with sackcloth, and cry mightily to God; yes, let every one turn from his evil way and from the violence that is in his hands

I think the modern translations may have misinterpreted some things. A study of the original words in the original language would be needed to make more sense of this. However, I think that this verse could be referring to the dual lineages of humanoids roaming the Earth: those from Adam and those that were mixed with “angel” DNA.

So the man here refers to pure humans, whereas the “beast” could be referring to mixed humanoids.

The land of Canaan was known to be inhabited by those who had mixed DNA which may have been the reason for God wanting the Israelites to remove them.

So what does that look like? Because I read about Jesus in a book. I very much would like to meet him and know him, but how would I do that by reading about him?

Can I have a personal relationship with Bill Gates by reading about him in some book?

Or do you mean join a church and do whatever brand of Christianity they follow?

No, but you may be able to have one if you can find him on Reddit. :laughing:

I would sort of agree with that. Humans were made naked to begin with. The human body is a beautiful design. :heart_eyes:

Sex is a beautiful thing. But most porn twists sex into something perverted or even violent and introduces thought patterns that may not be healthy for a community.

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Well, this all went downhill fast.

Would youse guys like to start another thread about sex, the veracity of the bible, and the wages of sin?

Just a gentle reminder: it was supposed to be a survey.

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The Buddhists in taiwan seem to think so. They go to the extreme of banning the consumption of onion, garlic etc in order to avoid such temptations.

I think by now, most open societies that have availability to freedom of knowledge can agree religion is an extinct species and will fall by the wayside in a century or 2. Unlike the belief in gods and and spirits, which can be debated until the end of time logically and likely without answer. Though spiritual people really should love science in its pursuit of knowledge and facts. Probbaly the whole god/ghost malarkey will fall by the wayside when people become less bias and realise that it is all energy, and the transfer of said energy. Somethung science has already accepted. Everything is dieing and being born, energy transfer. Consciousness is probably the tricky one to prove origins. My worry is the cult style that is religion will become less prevailent in the sense of imaginary beings controlling humans, and new cults of power will replace them. Such as governments, businesses, non profits etc. Lots already exist. CCP china, green peace, peta, Apple and such are non spiritual type eneterprises but they certainly have a cult vibe to them.

I think in the end people need justification because we are generally too afraid, lazy or complacent to just admit reality for what it is.

First of all, angels weren’t animals.

Second of all, that’s anachronistic. The Jonah story took place in the Assyrian period. Nineveh and Akkad were the two main Assyrian cities.

“Canaanites” were wiped out by then.

It’s much more Occam’s Razorish to read the book as a satire.

I’m not going to debate a point unless I can back it up. But what I’m saying is I haven’t done a study of the original words used in the original language (presumably some form of ancient Hebrew). I just wouldn’t trust the translation of “animal” without doing a proper word study.

For all we know, referring to someone as a “beast” may have been a racist remark in that time period.

As for the historical chronology of events, well, I’m not an expert. But I do know that Nineveh was an Assyrian city known for its extreme cruelty.

I always liked the end of the story of Jonah. He demands the inhabitants of Nineveh repent their evil ways- and they did, so God forgave them. Jonah gets all pissed off because Nineveh isn’t being punished, so he goes to a hillside and sits in the shade of a vine, grumbling that God hasn’t smitten the city. Two worms come out and kill the vine, depriving Jonah of shade. He starts cursing his fate, and God points out that Jonah is bitching about the destroying of a vine that he played no part in planting or growing, but wants God to rain down destruction on the great city of Nineveh, even though they have repented, out of sheer pique and self-righteousness.
A much better lesson to draw than anything about a big fish.


As per above, take it as fiction…its easier on the head. Its clearly also like books today. Opinion, at best. Oppression, at probably. Aka, fiction today.

Put down the crack pipe, dude.

Isn’t that allegory?

Catholic in the house?

Yeah, I agree. All the animals repenting agree with you too.

If they were able to pair off and get into the ark, they were probably able to repent too.