Death, COVID, and religion

Certainly everyone should have a much greater profound respect for those who went through and survived the Black Death (30% or more died in Europe) and the Plague of Justinian (25% or more died in Europe).
COVID-19 has brought about 3.1 mn deaths so far as of end-April 2021 (statista #) out of 7.8 billion population. That’s like 0.03%, much like the normal flu. 152mn cases of COVID-19.
It’s #9 on the scale of worst epidemics and in its 16th month: List of epidemics - Wikipedia

We are living through something that is nothing like 1/4 of the people who died from plagues, or even the 50mn supposedly that died from Spanish flu after WWI and 1/3 of the population (500mn) who were infected by it.
Nonetheless, it is very serious for many people, but the media has certainly hyped it up to be the next plague.

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Depends how irrational you are. :wink: in my mind, things like Noah and the ark, living in a whale for 3 days, and a talking bush conclusively prove it’s fiction. YMMV. :stuck_out_tongue:

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So do all the places mentioned in Bourne Identity.

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The Hebrew word used in that verse is behema, which means beast. That’s where the word behemoth comes from. It’s also used for monsters Yahweh was fighting before creation.

I don’t know if any instance it’s used as a racial slur.

During Jesus’ time gentiles were referred to as dogs.


satirical allegory sounds redundant. :ponder: