Death to the number four!

The authorities who issue license plates have decided to stop using the number 4 for plates for personal cars and scooters. What’s more, this is just an expansion of earlier policies that kept the deadly number four from the final or penultimate place on license plates issued within the last decade.

I’ve written some about this in the latest entry in Pinyin News.

Did I hear correctly that those already possessing license plates with the offending number will have to pay, at their own expense, to have their plates changed?

Interesting tale or supperstion and fear.

A side note:
I was approached last year about repping a new health product here on the island and possibly elsewhere in the Pac Rim. Its a good product, effective, natural ingredients and reasonably priced.
In doing a market survey I kept hitting the same wall, over and over - Eeryine like the product/packaging/ease of use and the phtsical results were as indicated -BUT it was almost universally a no-go based on the name - it ended in the number “4”.

The dreaded number of death. That was the killer on the deal. Shame…good product.

My scooter parking space is number 4 in basement 4. I’m sure none of the locals would have been interested in taking it, so no wonder they threw it in as a free extra when I bought my apartment.