debating on moving back to tw for my fiancee.


My mandarin is basic which is quite good compared with her English lol. We don’t really have major communication issues since she has a good head on her shoulders so 100% of the time she’s perceptive on what I convey to her in Mandarin.


I was in a similar boat as you about 6 years ago and I’m not trying to sound condescending or like an ass, but if you haven’t had verbal (or text) communication issues, you will.

All I’m trying to say is, make sure this is what you want. Despite having parents that came from relatively the same background, you both grew up in completely different cultures and there’s going to be some major arguments due to culture shock on both ends. You also have her kid to worry about!


Yes I am aware of the red flags but on the flip side, many couples deal with communication issues as well even without language barriers. As an example, another local Taiwanese girl I was in a relationship with before her knew english but we constantly had communication issues because she didn’t know how to express her thoughts.
I think it just comes down to who the person you are willing to go through the problems with. My main concern how the relationship with her son will be later on. We get along fine now but may change as he grows up w that " You stole my mom from me" mindset.


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