Debit (check) cards

After wading through the mish mosh of discussion in this forum, it seems like the banks that offer a debit card are Fubon, China Trust, ICBC, and Changhua Bank. Does anyone know if Ta Chong bank offers this service? Can someone write “debit card” in chinese so i can ask them? I already tried by myself and I think they gave me a regular credit card application…


Same thing happened to me: I asked for a debit card, and they gave me an application for a credit card (annual fees of NTD 1,200 onwards).
I did an internet search, and it seems that debit card is 轉帳卡. However, at 土地 and 第一 banks, they seem to only have debit cards as part of a combo card, aka 三合一 (ATM, debit, and credit cards all in one). I’d be interested to know if any banks in Taiwan offer independent debit cards (i.e. not in combination with a credit card).