Debut Novel-Sons of the Republic

Hi all,

Just posting to announce that my debut novel, Sons of the Republic, will be released late next month on Library Tales Publishing, based out of the U.S. It’s a little bit of crime fiction with some elements of a political thriller thrown in. A brief synopsis and ordering info are available at the link below. By August 4th it should be available for pre-order via Amazon as well. Cheers! … -republic/

Sounds interesting. Sorry you didn’t go through Camphor Press though – I prefer e-books these days. :frowning:

No worries, Ironlady, perhaps I’ll collaborate with Camphor at some point in the future if they think my writing’s up to snuff. It will be available in eBook format through the publisher, if you’re interested. Cheers!

Good, I’ll check out the e-book version for sure. I’m a sucker for anything Taiwan-related especially in fiction.

Best of luck with it.

Quick bump here. The launch party for the book will be held next Saturday at the new location of Vinyl Decision. 3 p.m to 7 p.m. Beer and pizza. Books for sale. Tunes spinning on the turntables. Full details here:

And for anyone interested in reading the book for free, the Kindle version is available gratis this weekend only: … 8&sr=&qid=

Will the book be available at other outlets?
I can only read hard copy, and won’t be able to make it into Taipei next weekend.

Nice graphic work on the cover.
Best of luck with your endeavor.

Yup, paperbacks are available via Amazon and from the publisher, Library Tales. I don’t think hard copies will be available at book stores in Taiwan, just in North America, at least for the time being. And thanks!

Woo-hoo, free?? Yes, please! Downloaded. Now to find time to do some reading…

Just grabbed the Kindle version. Will give it a read asap.

I just read the Kindle version (which seems to be available for free on Amazon to Prime subscribers). I enjoyed the novel and read it briskly (3 or 4 days, which is breakneck speed when you are parenting a toddler). I’ll write a longer post later, but just wanted to take the opportunity to express my appreciation to the author for writing a fun yarn about Taiwan, it’s history and its people. This is a rare subjct matter for English language fiction. Even though I have the e-book version, I plan to buy a copy of the hardback as well as a measure of support for the author.

I’m enjoying the story (about 65% through at present), but the copy-editing gives me a few bumps and jolts me out of the story. I really wish the editor had decided on a Romanization system and stuck to it, or at least made sure that the words used were correct in SOME Romanization system. Also, at times the details on Taiwanese geography take me out of the story. If I were reading a story about another place, would the omniscient narrator really name the peninsula? I know it’s necessary to give background information but sometimes it sounds like a lesson. I’d prefer to have the history and culture “lessons” a little more distributed and arising more naturally out of interactions between characters, rather than sort of being given in chunks. Those are, however, fairly minor issues, and the book is a good read.

Just left a review on Amazon and hope other readers will too – that’s a very important factor in driving sales and downloads for any author.