Decaffeinated coffee beans

Don’t feel bad, people are keeping your thread up at the top of the lists for you :slight_smile: Maybe someone will eventually come along who knows something! I tried to call my usual place to ask today but they didn’t pick up the phone.

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can i ask, after roasting coffee beans, how long can it be kept fresh from?
i feel like ordering some coffee beans from s. america but the shipping time takes 1 week plus.

wait, so what y’all are saying is decaffeinated Coca-Cola tastes exactly like normal Coca-Cola?

I do remember seeing decaf beans at Mojo Cafe in Taichung a while back. Maybe some indie coffee shops in Taipei sell them too. Mojo might also ship to Taipei.

I can’t see any decaffeinated coffee beans the websites of Starbucks or Mr. Brown or Barista, but my Chinese sucks, so I may be missing something:

Where would you suggest decaffeination experts like us secure such employment?


Try specialty stores. These chains are good, see if there is one near you:

IMPCT Coffee

5F, 信義路5段, No. 7號, Xinyi Dist, Xinyi District, Taipei City, 110
02 8101 8124

Actually, decaf process is quite complex. In the old country, they sent the grains to Germany as we did not have the machinery.

Expensive decaffeinated stuff on the internet:

* Saveur de France* 法國 團購CARTE NOIRE 低咖啡因經典研磨咖啡粉八包2800元免跨國運運

德國Mount Hagen 有機低咖啡因隨身包即溶咖啡粉(最新貨,有效至2022.04,最廉價)

Mt. Whitney Coffee Roasters秘鲁咖啡粉 無咖啡因咖啡(340克)

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probably a different career for a change, you’re too good at decaffeinating already you’re actually getting good at non-sequiturs. Maybe be good at selling real estate in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

They can add coffee flavor!

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Some coffees get better with ‘aging’, after roasting they need a few weeks to get better. Modern packaging is really good in keeping stuff ‘fresh’.

Wellcome used to have ‘Melitta’ decaf, a German brand.

With a charm offensive like that, you probably really do need a cup of coffee!




sure…! Guy?

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Great! It took only 35 posts to get a reply to @jeroniefrias question!
We are getting efficient guys!


the world needs more heroes like quandary.

Google’s fault! Or Bing?

I looked around in a Starbucks tonight - didn’t see any decaffeinated beans, but did see decaffeinated instant coffee. I’ve heard their instant coffee is a lot better than you’d expect - which still leaves plenty of room for being bad.

Ok. I have seen decaff at Carrefour. It’s ground, and it’s called “Le Grande Classique” … it’s not particularly expensive. It’s not available in all stores. But Tienmu branches sometimes stock it.

Generally, the only places that I have seen decaff beans are Costco House Blend (Decaff) and Starbucks. Possibly Starbucks Via, too.

I would also suggest the City Supers in Taipei/KHH/Taichung for the occasional decaff coffee from Illy or Lavazza.

Otherwise, the market for decaff is practically non-existent here. I suggest you import your own supply from