Decent 2 bedroom apartment for as low as 15K~18K in Taipei?

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I have read the phrase “low price to rent ratio” about a hundred times in this post. so, would it be possible to rent a decent 2 bedroom apartment for as low as 15K~18K in Taipei? If yes, can anyone give some information where we can find one? Thanks!

It depends on your definition of “decent”. You should be able to find a older two-bedroom apartment in this price rang in areas like Wenshan, Wanhua, or Datong. Here’s an example from Wenshan.

In central Taipei (Daan/Zhongshan/Zhongzheng) you are going to have trouble. Rent in these areas is usually around NT$1,200 per ping. A small two-bedroom apartment is gong to be at least 20 ping, so that’s NT$20-$22k. These places are probably worth at least NT$15 million, so you are paying something like .2% of the value on rent. That’s a very low ratio. It may well be worth spending a few extra NT$000 a month to live in central Taipei because you will save this amount on transportation if you work there. Plus central Taipei is much nicer than a lot of outlying areas.

You should have no problem finding a 2BDR apartment in New Taipei City in this price range. Xindian and Banqiao have many good values. I’d stay away from crowded Yonghe and chaotic Zhonghe if possible.

I’d say yes if you’re willing to look patiently. Some places to look here: … 0#p1569084

Thank you for the link Tempo. Much appreciated!