Decent Hourly Hot Spring on Yangmingshan?

Going to brave the traffic tomorrow to check out Grass Mountain Chateau, and would like to find somewhere for a pleasant hot spring at reasonable cost, either with private rooms with a bit of space inside, or one with a public co-ed area.

I’ve been to a half-dozen unmemorable places up there over the years, mostly with barracks-style cement cubicles for couples in addition to the nicely landscaped one-sex public pools. Would like to find something a step up from the cement cubicles without getting into the 5-star price category. Is there anything good for hourly rates (not overnight)?

I think Tianlai and other resort-style places up there are only for overnight guests, or else I’d see how their hourly rates are.

Only one I could suggest is in Beitou, so not directly at the Chateau. ~6km away according to google maps.

Spring City Resort

Public: … guage=_eng
Rooms: … guage=_eng

Public both sexes with clothes, plus private ones that I don’t know. They have hourly rates. Not cheap, but still just affordable (if I remember correctly ~2000 per person including public hotspring and a many courses Japanese meal). If you want to eat there, I strongly suggest the Japanese option over the Chinese one. Chinese is fine, but nothing special. The Japanese style is quite good in my opinion, though - at least much more appealing top the eye and more stylish, more imaginative cooking.


I’ll answer my own question: turns out I was wrong about Tianlai. They do have hourly rates for individual hot spring rooms, which are large enough to accomodate a private toilet/closet area, tea/coffee, a pool recliner, and a roomy stone-lined tub. Floor to ceiling windows look out to an enclosed garden area. NT$1300 an hour on Saturday.