Decent pubs in Taipei?


Heading back to the island for a few weeks in October/November. It’s been a few years so I’ve no idea where to get a decent beer and a feed. Any recommendations?
Hope to see some old faces in the big smoke.!
Cheers, Dazz


Clearly no decent pubs then…lol


On Tap is the biggest expat pub in Taipei.

For a more interesting option check out Beer Geek. Also the boys from Redpoint brewing have opened their own taproom, called, Taproom, which has their own outstanding locally brewed beers on tap plus some great food.

Facebook will give you the addresses.

Also Speakeasy for craic, Brass Monkey for sports.


Thanks mate, I don’t mind a decent Craft Beer so I’ll give those places a look. Cheers, D


Redpoint has a new beer called Hazy Platypus. Their food is good.


How dare you taunt me like that…
…can’t wait to try that Platypus.


It’s very similar to the Disco Macaw. I’m afraid they’ll have to increase their prices. The tuna tataki was about 340NT. Happy hour is from 6-8 and most beers are 100-160… I haven’t tried it yet but I hear the reuben is quite good. The owner said they will be adding tomahawk steaks soon. Many of the craft beer pubs here have “popups” for food because they don’t have a kitchen.


Beer Geek is the best pub pub in Taipei


Pubs? We are grand, aren’t we? Off to play the grand piano?

What’s wrong with huddling outside a 7-Eleven trying to figure out a way to get out of buying a round of 42NTD Tsingtao, eh? The real expat experience. You pub drinkers don’t know you’re born.


You might wanna check out the new offerings on The Brass Monkey food menu. Bob Marshall is working some magic over there. The Shrimp Curry is not to be missed.


If you’ve been in Taiwan longer than six months, and/or are over the age of 25, EVERYTHING is wrong with that!


SOP for the hockey boys.


Good point. You can get Bar Beer cheaper.




Only reason I’d go there I suppose, never was a fan of the place. I know Bob does great things with his culinary skills- and i do love a good curry. It’s a maybe.


Pretty sure I can afford a decent pint:). 7/11 for all its booze bargains lacks atmosphere, and it’s too bright for my photosensitive eyes


Yeah I don’t think brass monkey is a good pub. In fact I think it doesn’t say much for Taipeis nightlife scene that it’s one of the most popular ‘pub’’ pubs. The place is basically a large room with outdated decor (I guess every Asian city has similar but at least you may have more choice).
But the food that Bob Marshall cooks up is pretty damn good!