Decent seafood (local style) in northeastern Taibei?

Hey, are there any decent local-style (like re4chao3) seafood places in northeastern (or eastern) Taibei? Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!

Well, you can’t really beat Fu Jhi Fishing Village - Half an hour past Danshui - two mins from Baishawan.
It’s packed at the weekend but basically , you buy your seafood, at the market, take it to a restaurant and they cook it for you.

Thanks, but I really do mean just northeastern or eastern Taibei city, such as Neihu, Donghu, Xizhi, and possibly Nangang. We found one at Minquan & Ruiguang, I think it was, on or near the northeast corner. The seafood is live, and of good quality, and competently prepared, and the bill per person for several kinds of shellfish plus veggies, fried rice, one beer and two very large prawns (probably not enough food for big eaters) was about $1700. We weren’t really stuffed full, so for average Westerners with bigger appetites I’d budget about $1200 per person. It isn’t fancy, and the lady who takes orders at the live tanks is a bit impatient and bordering on rude, so I’m not sure whether we’ll be back anytime soon, which is why we’re looking for other spots in the area.

Try crispy pomfret. I forgot the Chinese name. It is bai something or other. There was a place in Nangang close to the corner of Nangang road and Sanming road, across from the 7-11, two or three shops from the corner. It had a really nice smoky flavor. The restaurant has the lazy susan type tables.

But that was a long time ago and it may not even be there anymore. I don’t eat seafood that often. We like to take that coast road around the top of the island and just stop somewhere when we get hungry. There’s some good stuff there.

That’s definitely the way to do it. Although i had a good one a couple of weeks ago just off Heping East.